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The latest comedy production from Mischief Theatre arrived in Cardiff this week as part of its UK tour.

Groan Ups follows a group of school friends – first at six years old, then at 14, and finally as adults at a reunion.

The traits they show as children ultimately impact on their later lives, romantically and professionally.

Our companion hyperlocal site Rhiwbina Info was there to review the opening night on Monday (11 October), concluding: “If you’re looking for a fun night out this week, Groan Ups gets an A-star from this exam-marker. Top marks for laughs, and it may also set you pondering about the lives we might have led.”

Reviewer Andy Weltch, our senior consultant, added: “I haven’t laughed so much in the theatre for a long time, and I’m not sure I’ve been moved so much either – something I really wasn’t expecting”.

Groan Ups plays at the New Theatre, Cardiff, until Saturday (16 October) before moving to Cambridge, Glasgow, Dartford, Wolverhampton, Norwich, Brighton, Nottingham, Southampton, Aylesbury, Malvern, Truro, Poole, and Coventry.

You can read the review here.

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