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The remarkable life of Queen Victoria is told in a spectacular new production from Northern Ballet, currently touring the UK.

Our senior consultant Andrew Weltch reviewed the opening night of its week-long run at Cardiff’s New Theatre (Tuesday May 21st) for our companion hyperlocal news site, Rhiwbina Info, and described it as “a dazzling production”.

“Performed to live music with an original score by Philip Feeney,” he writes, “Victoria carries us through not just a royal life, but a dynamic and significant era of British history – with a series of dance performances, which beautifully convey the emotions of joy, love, and despair.”
He adds: “With its large cast, its clever flashback structure, and its stunning performances, Victoria is a right royal treat.”

Victoria continues in Cardiff until Saturday, before moving to Belfast. It will then be shown live in cinemas around the country on Tuesday June 25th.

You can read the full review here.

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