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Michael Wong, the Malaysian film-maker based in China, has released his second film – a micro-short horror, which is receiving accolades and gaining awards around the world.

The Tattooist is the follow-up to The Story of 90 Coins – and it marks quite a change of direction.

While 90 Coins was an engaging romance which ran to nine minutes, The Tattooist is a nightmarish horror film and is even shorter – much shorter in fact, at just 80 seconds!

Our senior consultant Andrew Weltch reviewed it for our companion arts and entertainment blog, Piece of Pink Pie, noting “As with 90 Coins, a lot happens in a short running-time – Michael has the skill to tell a story succinctly. but without cutting corners or appearing rushed. Indeed, the production values here are again outstanding.”

You can see the full review here and you can watch the film free here.

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