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A female-led community of actors, formed in lockdown, is presenting an online musical version of the Noah’s Ark story, with jokes, songs, and a serious message about the environment.

Poppy Abbott

Mrs Noah Fights Back! is an environmentally reimagined version with a feminist twist, which was originally performed as a piece of street theatre, our companion arts and entertainment blog Piece of Pink Pie reports.

Now presented by Untamed Productions via Zoom on April 16, 17, and 18, the play offers a powerful message about the state of the world, as an online chat gets interrupted by an angry God, played by Lauren Alexandra.

Noah (Jordan Julien) builds his ark, but his story is outdated and ineffective.

So, Mrs Noah (Poppy Abbott, who also directs the play) demands a rewrite.

You can read the full preview here, and you can buy tickets for £5 per household here.

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