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A new character-driven documentary film, One Paycheck Away, will focus on the plight of vast numbers of Americans, living from one pay cheque to the next.

In a new post on our companion arts and entertainment blog, Piece of Pink Pie, our senior consultant Andrew Weltch interviews the film’s producer and director, Duncan Sill.

The film will follow several ordinary, hard-working Americans in cities across the US, facing the prospect of losing their home amid the economic turmoil created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Even before the covid-19 crisis, it is claimed that “in 2019, 80% of Americans were living from one pay cheque to the next. A year on, the pandemic has caused economic devastation, with more than 40 million filing for unemployment,” Andrew writes. “Many who were relying on the next pay cheque to pay the rent, won’t get a next pay cheque.”

In the interview, Duncan explains that the team had already filmed in New Orleans and Alburquerque, and will also follow people in other US cities, as well as potentially filming in Europe.

“While our main focus started as primarily US-centric, recently we have been interacting with many folks overseas, especially in Europe,” Duncan said.

“I believe learning about experiences from different places is critical to understanding and for the potential identifications of solutions, given the shared global impact of the economy, climate and of course recently, the pandemic. Subject to funding and resources, we hope to find a way to physically go to at least one European location for the film.”

You can read the full blog post here, including information on how you can help the project.

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