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A new stage adaptation of Frankenstein is currently touring the UK’s theatres.

Written by Rona Munro, whose screen credits have ranged from Doctor Who to Ken Loach’s Ladybird, Ladybird, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein puts the young Shelley at the heart of the action.

Played by Eilidh Loan, Shelley is presented here as (in Munro’s words) a “defiant and passionate young girl accusing her elders, the culture of her age and intent on terrifying the whole world.”

Our senior consultant Andrew Weltch was invited by the Wordsworth Trust to review the play for its Romanticism blog.

He describes it as an “ingenious production [which] evokes both pity and horror, as Mary – relishing our unease – leads us to the horrific finale”.

You can read the blog post here.

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