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Our client Net Consulting Ltd is launching next-generation AI-based Wireless LAN (WLAN) from Mist Systems, a Juniper Company, at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium this week.

The technology is already being used by universities, sports stadiums, retail chains, hotels, and hospitals, and the event, on Thursday 27 February, brings together forward-thinking enterprises and the media to experience it for themselves.

“We’re really excited to introduce Mist to Welsh businesses,” said Paul Thomas, managing director of Net Consulting. “What really excites us the most is what this Wi-Fi solution offers in terms of customer engagement.”

Customers who download a specifically created app can also receive tailored notifications, depending on their preferences or location.

Mist can also employ Bluetooth capability to interact with small beacons that can be easily attached to a moveable asset in order to monitor its location – for example,  in a hospital, a Mist beacon can be added to a wheelchair and medical equipment and the network can constantly monitor the whereabouts of each item.

Experts from Juniper Networks will be demonstrating network capabilities and visitors will be able to interact with the system  at the event.

It starts at 11am, is free, and all companies wanting to send delegates can register online.

There will be food and drink as well as a free guided tour of the stadium, famous as the home of Wales’ rugby union team and host of other major sports events.

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