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A new British farce Octopus Soup! is enjoying a successful UK tour, with a cast headed by familiar TV faces Nick Hancock and Paul Bradley.

Our senior consultant Andrew Weltch reviewed the opening night of its week-long run at Cardiff’s New Theatre (Tuesday April 9th) for our companion hyperlocal news site, Rhiwbina Info.

He described it as “wonderfully silly” and “a joyously daft comedy, with some sharp dialogue and top-notch performances”.

“It brings together an unlikely gathering of disparate characters in a crazy situation that spirals into misunderstanding and deception.”

The play centres on an uptight insurance consultant (Hancock) and an incompetent burglar (Bradley) with assorted other characters and an octopus! It continues in Cardiff until Saturday, before visiting Malvern, Swansea, and Guildford.

You can read the full review here.

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