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Our international modelling client Rahab Inghalwa is launching a new fashion brand.

Zimmerman posh dress available in July in Namibia for N$1600 (in medium only)

Described as “unapologetic with a touch of luxe”, the Ravender Posh brand will be launched in Rahab’s native Namibia next month (July 2018).

Rahab explained: “TheĀ  inspiration behind the name is the colour lavender which symbolises beauty and femininity. I then decided to change the L to R from the first letter of my name, to give it a taste of my style.

Rahab Inghalwa: “Ravender Posh means so much to me”

“I wanted to bring the look of western street party and high fashion style and luxury to the Namibian market,” she added.

“Ravender Posh means so much to me because it consists of outfits that I can wear myself – something that will boost your confidence and make you feel beautiful, sexy but yet unapologetic.”

The clothes will be available from mid-July in Namibia with delivery all over the country and with next-day delivery in Windhoek and surrounding areas.

Ravender Posh can currently be contacted via Instagram and Facebook. A website will be launched soon.

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