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Mathew Horne, best known from his TV roles in Gavin and Stacey or The Catherine Tate show, stars in a new stage production of the Oscar-winning film Rain Man, currently touring the UK.

Our companion hyperlocal site, Rhiwbina Info, reviewed its opening night in Cardiff last night (September 10), and described Horne as ‘a revelation’ in the role of Raymond Babbitt, the autistic savant, portrayed so memorably by Dustin Hoffman in the movie.

“It’s often funny, sometimes poignant, and at times heart-breaking, but ultimately uplifting, thanks largely to that stunning central performance by Horne as the autistic ‘Rain Man’ with his encyclopaedic memory, but little understanding of the ways of the world.”

You can read the full review here.

Rain Man runs at Cardiff’s New Theatre until Saturday (September 15), before it tours to Eastbourne, Southend, Edinburgh, Brighton, Guildford, Leeds, Richmond, Derby and Northampton.

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