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The Mousetrap, the classic Agatha Christie play, whose West End production holds the record for the longest-running show in the history of theatre, is currently touring the UK.

Our senior consultant Andrew Weltch reviewed the opening night of its week-long run at Cardiff’s New Theatre (Tuesday October 1st) for our companion hyperlocal news site, Rhiwbina Info, and described it as “a thoroughly entertaining and top quality production.”

He added: “It’s easy to see why The Mousetrap has captivated generations of audiences – it presents a familiar, almost cosy, set-up; mysterious and sometimes amusing characters; and a genuinely puzzling mystery. But it also confronts us with some unsettling reminders of social injustice, and especially the suffering of children.”

With a cast headed by Susan Penhaligon, The Mousetrap also stars Geoff Arnold (pictured by Johan Persson) and Lewis Chandler. It is in Cardiff until Saturday (October 5th), before continuing its tour to Chesterfield, Portsmouth, Windsor, Glasgow, Peterborough, Birmingham, Swindon, and Yeovil.

You can read the review here.

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