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The traditional sport of British baseball is back in Wales this summer, and the organisers are offering sponsorship opportunities for businesses and individuals.
Baseball has been a popular summer sport in South Wales since the 19th century, and after a few seasons off, the sport was revived in 2021 and is set to continue to grow this year.
The men’s league will start in May, with at least five teams from Cardiff and Newport – and room for more. There will also be a schools league also this year, with 14 high schools involved so far.
British baseball (sometimes known as Welsh baseball, although it has also been popular in parts of England) is similar to US-style baseball, but also shares characteristics with cricket – having 11 in a team, a run scored for each base reached, and an innings continuing until all players are out or stranded on base.
Match sponsorship packages will be available for as little as £60, and anyone interested in finding out more or in entering a team, should email
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