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A long-time friend of Weltch Media, Denise Hampson, has today (9 November) launched a new global behavioural design agency – Desire Code.

Denise Hampson – CEO of Desire Code

Desire Code started as a training workshop in 2011 and earlier this year (2021), Denise’s superb coffee-table book of the same name was published, exploring how organisations could put their customers first to create experiences that are delightful and memorable.

“Since my book was published, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to bring my behavioural design expertise to projects for some awesome global clients,” she said. “It’s clear there’s a growing appetite for this kind of design thinking, and to meet it, Desire Code has had to evolve and grow.

“Over the last few years, in different roles and on different continents, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most brilliant human-centred designers, creatives, researchers and scientists I have ever known. They are all people who have elevated me and my work just by my being around their expertise and their energy. I am in awe of their talent.

“I’m honoured that these brilliant people share my vision for the positive impact we can make with behavioural design – and I’m honoured that they’ve chosen to work with me again!

“From today, Desire Code is now all of us. We are a new global behavioural design agency and we can’t wait to put our great minds and skills to solving some seriously exciting challenges for our clients.”

You can find out more about Desire Code and how it could help your organisation here. And check out how Weltch Media might help you too!
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