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Did you know there’s another Weltch Media? Our friends in New Jersey operate as True Weltch Media – emphasising their work in investigative journalism, as well as video, photography and music production.

We recently renewed contact with our namesake business in the USA, and now we’re looking at how we might work together.

D.J. Weltch tells us he was aiming to call his business ‘Weltch Media’, but saw we got there first when he found us on Twitter.

“A few years ago, I started dabbling in journalism in the Philadelphia area.  I wanted to use Weltch Media but you had already used it, so I was stuck between Real Weltch Media and True Weltch Media. I went with True Weltch Media as I was trying to cover ‘truths’.”

Currently focusing mainly on music videos, especially for rappers and R&B artists, TWM is also looking to branch into video production and photography for businesses like real estate, advertising and restaurants.

The brand continues to diversify, and TWM is about to release its first fictional movie – a short crime drama, filmed in Atlantic City, called Life Is Good.

So, while we at UK-based Weltch Media focus on written-word communications, as well as training, and video and photography, we certainly have a lot of corporate DNA in common with our US namesakes.

Our founders may have some actual DNA in common too. Our senior consultant, Andrew Weltch, has family connections in North America, and D.J. has relations in England.

On D.J.’s side, the Weltch name comes from his African American grandfather. “He met my grandmother when he was on tour in the army,” D.J. explained. “I’ve always tried to figure out where he got the last name from. I always assumed the name came through slavery as he was from Virginia which has a deep history of that.”

Maybe something else for us to explore?

True Weltch Media is on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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