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The biography of international rugby star John Devereux has been published this week, and we’re pleased to have played a part.

Held in the highest regard by former teammates and opponents alike, John Devereux is revered by followers of rugby league and rugby union and, in his official biography, he tells the fascinating story of his life in rugby.

We were very pleased to have been invited to proofread the book, which was written by Andy Howell and was published by St David’s Press this week.

St David’s Press and its partner imprint Welsh Academic Press often use our services, reassured by our skill and experience – and our ability to meet tight deadlines.

We recently worked with them on the biography of pioneering Welsh football star Arthur Gould, a guide to Irish politics, a biography of pioneering Welsh journalist (and hero in Ukraine) Gareth Jones, and on the autobiographies of dual-code rugby internationals Steve Fenwick and Mark Jones.

Devs – Double Dragon, Double Lion by Andy Howell is published by St. David’s Press, priced £13.99.

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