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Delays in diagnosing lung and heart conditions are among the biggest contributors to infant mortality.

But now, thanks to resources and support in Wales, US company Bloom Standard is developing a low-cost, autonomous, hands-free ultrasound scanner, which can be used by almost anyone and almost anywhere.

It’s one of the success stories of Trade and Invest Wales, helping innovative and dynamic companies from around the world invest in and benefit from Wales.

We were excited to work with our old friends at award-winning marketing agency Orchard to produce web content telling the Bloom Standard story: a young company from Minnesota’s Medical Alley – the world’s leading healthtech innovation cluster – now launching into Europe, Africa and the Middle East from its base in the Institute of Life Science at Swansea University.

Orchard invited our Andy Weltch to produce content for the Trade and Invest website after interviewing Bloom Standard’s co-founder and CEO Annamarie Saarinen.

It’s an important and moving story, based on Annamarie’s personal experience. You can read it here.

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