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We’re pleased to announce two new appointments to the crew for our forthcoming debut fiction film.

Dan Read, whose experience ranges from feature films to high-end corporate videos and TV documentaries, joins us as director of photography.

Dan Read – director of photography

And Llanten No, a recent MA graduate in film directing from the University of South Wales, and already with several film credits to her name, becomes our assistant director.

Weltch Media is teaming up with Annalium Films to produce the short film, Annalium 8: Sssss.

Llanten No – assistant director

The film is set in a time when a catastrophe has seemingly killed all animal life. But a surviving scientist in full hazmat suit encounters a young girl in a forest – and she appears to be healthy and well…

The script by Cardiff writer Robert Lancey has been very successful in competitions, and our senior consultant Andy Weltch is now working with Robert as co-producer.

Filming is planned to take place in South Wales in spring or summer this year.

Last week, the crew scouted locations around Cardiff, and the pre-production stage is now gathering pace. It is now also listed on IMDb.

The crew scouting locations

Francesca Louise White (known for King of Crime, Jekyll & Hyde) heads the cast, with Andrew Griffin (Stop: Watch, Reaching Troy) as director.

Weltch Media has helped publicise several films, and Andy has been an associate producer on a range of projects from the short dramas Mia and Coffee Chains to the horror feature Slasher House II.

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