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The Open University’s (OU) free learning site, OpenLearn has now clocked up 100 million visitors in the 15 years since it was launched – and a content hub we helped produce has been revealed to be the most popular of its type last year.

University Ready – a content hub of free resources to prepare students for their first steps into higher education – was among the most popular OpenLearn content in Wales and the most popular hub.

Last year, the OU in Wales commissioned Weltch Media to help create the content. Michelle Matheron, Assistant Director, External Affairs at the OU in Wales, said at the time: “Weltch Media came to us highly recommended and didn’t disappoint”.

The OU says OpenLearn has broken-down barriers to education, with over 1,000 courses and 15,000 hours of educational interactives, videos and articles.

In 2021, the most popular content on OpenLearn from Wales was:

  1. Everyday English 1 (course)
  2. Croeso: Beginners’ Welsh (course)
  3. Caring for adults (course)
  4. Supporting children’s development (course)
  5. Everyday English 2 (course)
  6. University Ready (content hub)
  7. Academi Arian MSE (course)
  8. Aberdulais Falls: A case study in Welsh heritage (course)
  9. Planning a better future (course)
  10. OpenLearn Wales (content hub)

Director of the OU in Wales, Louise Casella, said: “OpenLearn has something for everyone – whether you want to develop your maths skills, discover the work of classic philosophers, or understand more about nutrition and wellbeing.

“I’m really pleased that so many learners from Wales have discovered and benefited from OpenLearn since 2006.”

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